Fuck fest in the college dare dorm

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It’s Friday night party in the college dare dorm . Soon enough, people start gathering around the bar, the hot girls start taking their clothes off… man, that’s what I love the most about these parties! The college girls are so wild; they get naked then beg you to fuck them senseless. It’s what one guy does to this hot babe while the other look on and cheers before going off to do the same. Shove a dick in her sticky, wet tight little pussy while playing with her perky, pale tits until she comes with a scream! What a way to finish the week in the college dare dorm.

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Nothing to be ashamed about at dare dorm

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Walking in on college fuck fest as it happens in a dare dorm is both embarrassing for the viewer and those involved in hot sexy action. But it isn’t so, when the chick that walked in on a couple banging hard on the bed, got turned on by the sight of college fuck fest. Knowing that she can’t join in on the actual fun didn’t stop her in stripping off and touching her own wet cunt to get a bit of sexual relief. Maybe next time it will be her turn to be banged senseless in college fuck fest, but for the time being she loves the sight of explicit dare dorm action right in front of her eyes.

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Wild foursome in the college dare dorm

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Two college couples decided that instead of going out one night, they’d stay in the college dare dorm. To spice things up, they decide to have a groupie, thinking why have a go just one-on-one when they can do it together with their best friends…

You can see two student couples in one place, but they’re sharing bunk beds only! One above the other, just the sound of moaning and bed springs creaking is enough to make them wild with desire, so they fuck like there’s no tomorrow!

And they will do it again,…and again…and…

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College dare dorm fuckfest soon turns into wild fivesome

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Whoever said that guys and girls cannot be friends, never visited the dare dorm. The room is small with only two beds and 5 naked bodies of 3 studs and 2 babes. As the blond slut works her hand up and down her guy, she gets a bit of pleasuring from her girlfriend who plays with her pussy and another guy who keeps her legs spread. It’s hardcore college fuckfest with a less confident stud looking on from the opposite bed while playing with him self. The dare dorm is where all the fun happens when classes finish and these hot youngsters need not be told twice that they can enjoy college fuckfest when they get together.

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College groupie in the dare dorm

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A bunch of students decided that the party they were at got boring, so they go back to their college dare dorm to make their own fun! Soon the clothes will all be off and then it will be every man for himself. Girls fingering girls’ pussies, dicks being sucked by sweet, wet, girly lips, dick disappearing inside a wet, sticky pussy, you name it they will do it. Finally, you’ll be able to see them all cum in their own time! Now, that’s one hell of a dare dorm party.

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